If you are reading this, you are probably aware that I authored a book a couple of years ago by the name of Lean Labor. Its purpose was to apply the philosophy and techniques of Lean specifically to paying and managing the workforce.

I’m pleased to announce that the American Payroll Association (APA) has taken the content from this book and added its own knowledge to create the first Lean Labor educational course. It’s targeted at Payroll Professionals who are looking to run their own operations in a Lean fashion as well as support other areas in their business by providing improved processes and information.

In addition, the APA recruited Dr. Martin Armstrong, Vice President Payroll Shared Services at Time Warner Cable to teach the course with me. Martin, who is also a friend, has implemented many of the techniques found in Lean Labor within his own organization and was recognized for this achievement by the APA with a Prism award. Martin recently wrote an article for training (a leadership development resource) titled The Perfect Paycheck.

We’ve taken the fundamentals of the book and added our experiences over the last three years to provide a practical course in using Lean to improve the performance of an organization driven from a Payroll perspective.

We’ll be teaching the inaugural course July 13-14 in Las Vegas. For more details on the course see the description at the APA site.

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